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The management of staff is imperative when running a care home. Fusion eCare Solutions enhances compliance whilst moving away from paper processes, allowing for improved visibility, better time management and as a result allowing businesses to provide the best care possible.

Check out some of our keys features below:

FaceClock Technology
Boost infection control with the use of FaceClock technology. The non-touch facial recognition unit is quick and simple to set up allowing care staff to clock in and out without the need of fingerprints, RFID tags or iButtons and is suitable for all job roles within the care home, allowing for accurate staff management.
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Digital Rotas
Digitalising your rota’s can help with time management and giving home managers clear visibility of staffing within the care home. Our easy to use Rota System allows for quick allocation of shifts, managing holidays, sickness and staff absences. Digitalising this process, allows instant and accurate payroll processing and integrates seamlessly your accounting package.
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Staff Training
Integral to your compliance staff training is vital, with Fusion eCare Solutions care home managers are able to see clearly how each of their staff members skills are developing. The training matrix alerts managers when mandatory training is due as well as role specific and individual training needs.
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