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Fusion eCare Solutions, a supplier of care management software, has now become a PRSB Quality Partner following their achievement of conformance with the About Me Standard.

‘About Me’ includes the most important, non-clinical information that a person wants to share with health and care professionals, such as how to put them at ease during treatment, or what arrangements to make for family if they are hospitalised.

By undertaking conformance assessment for the About Me standard, Fusion eCare Solutions aimed to enhance the quality of care and improve the overall service user experience. They sought to ensure that healthcare providers have access to comprehensive person-centred information, including individuals’ preferences and needs, which would help them to deliver more personalised care.

They were looking for a standardised approach to capturing and sharing service user preferences and non-clinical information to eliminate information gaps and improve continuity of care. Their stakeholders also said they needed the personal information to be standardised so that it could integrate seamlessly with existing electronic health records and care management systems, which ‘About Me’ helped them achieve.

The conformance process required Fusion eCare to make updates to their existing system to align with the standard. These changes included modifications to data capture forms, integration with EHR systems, and staff training to ensure compliance. Fusion eCare said that it required a significant effort, but was worth it, as it makes it even easier to go through conformance against subsequent standards. They have already started working on conformance with other PRSB standards.

Challenges during the process, such as technical integration complexities and data privacy and security, were overcome by collaboration with tech teams and testing, as well as open communication with Fusion eCare’s customers to address their concerns and gather valuable feedback.

Since implementing the About Me Standard, Fusion eCare’s customers have reported a 15% increase in service users proactively sharing their preferences, leading to more tailored and effective care plan management. The supplier also received compliments for bringing this standard to their customers and ensuring compliance by March 2024, when care providers registered with the Care Quality Commission must have digital care records in place that support person-centred care, in line with the Department of Health and Social Care’s policy.

Ben Richardson, Business Strategy and Marketing Manager at Fusion eCare Solutions, said: “We are committed to continuously enhancing our solution to meet the evolving needs of our customers and the healthcare industry, and going through the ‘About Me’ conformance was the obvious next step for us. The conformance assessment process was an enjoyable and rewarding journey. The team at the PRSB are extremely friendly and were always on hand when we had questions to ask.”

Lorraine Foley, CEO at the PRSB, said: “Congratulations to Fusion eCare Solutions for achieving conformance with the About Me Standard. We are pleased to hear about the benefits that this milestone brings to their customers, and I have no doubts that it will help improve the health and care experience of many people, which is the ultimate goal. Their eagerness to achieve compliance and commitment to the conformance process has to be applauded, and we are delighted to support them on their further journey with PRSB standards.”