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Version 3.5 Release Notes

Staffing and Work Force Management:

  • Recruitment API through Reach
  • New fields and options to staff profiles. Such as Reports To, Contract Expiry and Uniform size.
  • Agency additional fields and updates to the Agency Report.
  • Contracted hours added to Timesheet window.
  • Staff social fund.
  • Additional validation added to the Timesheet window.
  • Pay Rates Report
  • Timesheet vs. Rota Day Report.
  • Payroll Summary Excel option.
  • Rota Target Report.
  • Additional validation and security added to the rota.
  • Rota load per week.
  • Rota targets in hours.


  • Service User Analysis and Dashboard both have new data available. Such as Enquiries, Care Type and Fee Breakdown.
  • Warning when uploading a document if it is too large.
  • Service User Empty Room Report.
  • Service User Monthly Analysis Report.


  • Service User direct debit details added to the contract window.
  • Direct debit export is now available.
  • Sage Cloud export added.
  • An Extras report is available to show where no Extras account exists for a user.
  • Monthly invoice data report to show more information, including days that haven’t been billed.

Care Plans:

  • New Mobile View.
  • Changes to the Care Plan Homepage. Such as, allergies are more prominently displayed, new status indicators, quick Change links.
  • Individual daily notes per staff member.
  • Staff Activity Report now includes daily notes that have been inserted as well.
  • IDDSI Chart and Fields added to Nutrition Notes.
  • Nutrition Notes can be changed from text fields to dropdown select menus.
  • Ability to change a profile picture directly from the resident dashboard.
  • New Time Taken field added to all Daily Notes.
  • Show ABC Note details on the Daily Notes Window.
  • Updated Accident Daily Note fields.
  • Handover Report extension, multiple versions of the Handover Report.
  • Full Details with Medication Report.
  • New assessment report to show all residents latest version of an assessment.
  • Weight, BMI and MUST report.
  • AODL and by date daily note report (chart)
  • Assessment score report (to work within the date range)
  • Working on daily note chart report
  • No NHS Number Report.


  • There is now a new toggle to enable the PRSBS new format for writing care plans, these are:
    • Care and Support Plans
    • Contingency and Safety Plans.
  • These new ways of writing care plans are due (at some point in the near future) to become mandatory for all care homes to use. The aim being to ensure all care plans are documented the same way across the country.
  • If you would like these switching on or off please do let us know

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your existing care plans have now been renamed “Additional Plans” as per the PRSBs requirement in phasing out different types of care plan writing.


  • Task schedule changes. Create recurring Tasks which can be rolled forward weekly. These can be edited to include new instructions or staff.
  • Recurring Tasks don’t generate tasks during resident absences.
  • Ability to copy resident reoccurring Tasks to another resident.
  • Nutrition Tasks can be changed from text fields to dropdown select menus.
  • Stop users completing tasks outside of a certain timeframe.
  • TPR information can be completed in Tasks.
  • Added Task Alerts to the top banner of Fusion.
  • Ability to make notes mandatory on Tasks.
  • Ability to limit which notes can be built as Tasks.
  • Task statistics will now show in the Care Plan Dashboard.
  • Added security around the Delete Tasks functionality.

Not Module Related:

  • Open API availability.
  • User audit logs available through the Admin Panel.


Mobile Version Images: