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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I limit what people can see/access in Fusion?

Of course! Every aspect of Fusion can be locked down and a bespoke heirachy created just for you. If you want your carers to just record progress notes and nothing else, it can be done!

How do I get support when im struggling?

We pride ourselves on great customer service. We have agents waiting to help whether your question is small or large. You can call on 01133 979 555 or email [email protected]. During training we also provide comprehensive guides on all modules, if you would like another copy just let us know!

What IT services do you provide?

We provide all types of IT services. From supply of new pcs/laptops, to fully installed and managed networks and email clients. Our team are accredited parters of ESET and Microsoft. Call us to find out more!

How easy is it to get started? How long does it take?

Your assigned project manager will gather information from you and tailor the software to match your requirments. We will import your staff and residents/service users and ensure that your careplan assessments are ready to use. Come day one of using the system you will have everything you need! It typically takes us 2-3 days to setup a new customer from scratch.

How do I stop people accessing the system at home?

We can deploy an IP lock on your software which requires that users be on site and on your local network in order to gain access to the software. This rule can be lifted for regional managers/owners of course.

Is the system secure and private?

We take security and data protection very seriously and put measures in place to ensure we are protected as possible.

For full details please read our privacy policy, which details our commitment to secure and safe data. It also details our commitment to new GDPR legislation.

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