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We’re constantly working in research and development to create software that works harder for you. Our new features aim to make our technology solutions even more intuitive, more agile and more dynamic than ever before.

Offline Care Planning

With Fusion eCare Solutions, you can work on your device through an Internet outage or poor coverage and then upload to the cloud when it suits you. Our Offline Care Planning functionality means that you can keep working wherever and whenever you want or need to, without losing critical data.

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Task Management

Track and monitor your home or group’s to-do list with Fusion eCare Solution’s Task Management. Watch your team work through their actions, reminding them and helping them to prioritise where needed. Drive care standards with instant access to teams’ work schedules.

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Staff App

An excellent communication tool, which empowers staff to manage their shifts and annual leave remotely. Accessed through smart phones, staff can check their own rota, timesheets, and holiday requests, with notifications of spare shifts fairly shared across staff.

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Covid Reporting

Seamlessly collate and monitor your vaccination records for both staff and residents. Our Covid Reporting Dashboard shows instantly your percentage take up, jab dates and notifications of those outstanding, with a reminder service and up-to-date information on the booster (3rd jab) programme.

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Latest News and Insights…

Been advertising for jobs lately?

Been advertising for jobs lately?

Been advertising for jobs lately but can't keep track? Handle recruitment alongside your rota planning and reporting. Identify the need for more staff through increased occupancy, reporting of staff turnover and recognition of increasing agency needs. Open recruitment...

Easy to Use Staff Rota System From Fusion eCare Solutions

Easy to Use Staff Rota System From Fusion eCare Solutions

Two people called in sick this morning! Have I enough staff to fulfil the care rota? You'd know the answer if you had Fusion eCare Solutions easy to use Rota system. Quickly allocate shifts and visually see where you are under or over staffed. Additional positives are...

Time Stamp Shift Changeover With FaceClock

FaceClock is the innovative biometric way of clocking on. Seamlessly aligning with planned shift times, via the cloud, FaceClock means that timesheets are accurate and managed automatically. Promoting excellence in infection control, FaceClock offers the best in touch-free technology.

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