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We are proud of our client relationships and are proud to share the observations of those who know us best and what it’s like to work with and use our products.

Fusion Client becomes the first standalone general nursing home solely for older people in England out of 18,000 registered with the CQC to achieve a score of outstanding in all five inspection areas


“People’s care plans were on a computerised system which meant they provided clear audit trails of people’s care and any changes. The care plans were detailed and included information about people’s physical support needs, as well as histories and preferences to assist staff identifying what was important to each person.”

“We saw staff were responsive to each person’s changing needs and adopted a revised care planning method to improve upon the support people required. We found care planning enabled staff to work in a highly personalised and holistic approach. A professional said they had found [the home] a wonderful home and would rate it as outstanding in all areas.”

“We found care records contained detailed and personalised care plans. We observed staff followed these in their extremely safe and caring approach to people’s related support.”

“We saw that there were assessments with information about whether the person was at risk of falls, pressure damage, or low weight. If so, advice was given to reduce these risks and all plans were reviewed monthly. We saw one person who had arrived at the home nine months ago, had gained 8 kilograms due to the enjoyment of the food.”

“Learning from incidents and accidents was seen as a priority. For example, a falls analysis was conducted in March 2017 by the provider and reviewed by a director which highlighted the annual, monthly and hourly trends along with the measures that were put in place to target all risk factors to reduce the level of falls and fall related injuries.”

“Records relating to recruitment of new staff contained relevant checks to ensure they were of good character. These included employment references and disclosure and barring checks (DBS).”

Well done to the fabulous team for achieving this result!

Citations of Fusion Care Management Software from a recent CQC Report

Acacia Lodge – Avery – Achieves Outstanding using Fusion software

The fabulous team at Acacia Lodge (Avery) – have achieved an overall Outstanding rating from CQC using the Fusion Care Plan Software.

What CQC said about Fusion:

“Plans of care were extremely person centred and the details gave staff the information they needed to deliver individualised care … The care plans were person centred, highlighted people’s needs and included information and advice from healthcare professionals”

“There was a failsafe system for staff and managers to review and update the plans.”

“People could make comments via the electronic system to inform staff of their care needs and any other wishes such as activities”

“Residents were encouraged to complete their own diary entry by talking into the innovative electronic care plan system. This demonstrated an inclusive person centred approach”

“Plans of care were developed on a computer based system which was easy to access, showed they were person centred and gave managers a good oversight of when they needed updating”

“Staff had to respond on the system that tasks had been completed and this ensured there was a clear communication trail”

“Staff completed a range of specific diary entries which evidenced person centred care”

“We saw in the plans of care that a great deal of information was gained on a person’s past history, their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies. The person’s views on their gender, sexuality, religion or spirituality and age was recorded and action taken to ensure their wishes were fulfilled”

“We saw the registered manager made comments to care staff on the system to improve the plans of care”


Congratulations Acacia Lodge!

Citations of Fusion Care Management Software from a recent CQC Report

I have used other software in the past to maintain records and found many flaws, and difficulty tailoring it for our service. When I took over this new home we did more research into what was on offer in the market to ensure we were getting the best possible product available. Fusion has provided us with everything we require to achieve accurate records for both clients and staff. The Director and I can access reports anywhere at any time. The manager has found the software invaluable to her day to day running of the home. The Operational Manager is able to monitor training requirements without having to be on the premises and inform the manager who needs to attend sessions. She also does the payroll using the clocking in procedure which is now linked to our SAGE system.

However, the software can be excellent but if the backup service is not good which was my experience with the previous company it can cause enormous problems. The aftercare service I have received from Fusion has been second to none. We are always looking at ways in which to improve our efficiency and Fusion have worked with us to do this especially David Healey Project Manager nothing is a problem to him, I almost feel they have become an extension of our company. Their friendly no problem attitude makes it so much easier to approach them and nothing is too much trouble for them. I cannot recommend Fusion highly enough if you are considering putting a software package into your business I would recommend you ask for a demonstration and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am with what they have to offer
Linda Gallon

Operations Manager, Craig Healthcare

Avery Healthcare have embraced using Fusion care planning, empowering our care teams with up to date detailed person-centred care planning. We have found the team at Fusion to be responsive in developing a bespoke care planning system suitable to our resident group, based on person-centred and a range of clinical assessments which informs our care planning process. With the care plans being available electronically on a range of devices this has made care plans more accessible. The care teams are able to write daily notes in a timely manner, right at the point of care, which has significantly improved recording. The helpdesk at Fusion have been very supportive when our homes have called for advice.
Julie Spencer

Director of Care and Quality , Avery Health Care

I would just like to give feedback on the recent training we received that was delivered by Ben.

The information was informative
It was relayed in a simplified term
He delivered in a very relaxed way
His training technique was one that receptive to both staff and himself
I won’t lie training can be a boring scenario one we have to do as part of ongoing progress but when we find trainers that can deliver in such a way it makes it all the more pleasurable, I think you have a great trainer and one that deserves a pat on the back
Daniel Hart

Senior Manager North East, Key Healthcare

Just wanted to say everyone very impressed with software. Stuart has been excellent, very patient and extremely knowledgeable
Andy Paynter

Director, Madog Nursing Home LTD

We had seen so many different software companies and seen different systems; Fusion was local, helpful and most of all the product was easy to use. It looks professional and had exactly what we were looking for; we needed something that was user friendly and Fusion was simple… plus the price was competitive. The product itself had everything at our fingertips, the ease of transfer between an enquiry and a new resident was great. The length of time to put a quality care plan together with helpful tips along the way is the biggest benefit for our business due to the amount of time it has given my staff back with the residents. As manager, I have everything I need at my fingertips; I can generate reports, produce care plans and be prompted with new enquiries, it gives me a lot of office time back. We can also edit our own documents which makes it all very person centered.

Fusion wanted to work with us and hear our ideas. The training was great; it focused on all my staff needs and capabilities, it was interactive and hands on, we didn’t feel rushed, staff were very relaxed and are able to teach others to use the system with confidence.  There has been so much support with regular check-ins from Ben who has been with us from start to finish and though I have had lots of simple questions – I was never made to feel like that was a problem.


Home Manager, Rosemary Care Home

We changed our rota a bit once we got used to managing payroll with Fusion and implemented policies that we were unable to enforce without a time management system.
Now we rarely go overbudget and can better manage when the rota needs changing due to illness, etc.
It’s far easier and we wouldn’t be able to manage as well without Fusion
Jeff Manning

Owner, Lakeshore Healthcare LTD

We found you to be very personable, approachable, knowledgeable, and the training was measured and well delivered. You changed the speed of the training to suit the participants, and interacted really well with the staff in the sessions.

The atmosphere was relaxed, and you made the system feel easy to use, and not a negative prospect.

I feel that the satisfaction rating from the team and myself was 10 out of 10.

We really appreciated your teaching style, and how you made the system seem so straight forward and simple.

Michael Berkley-Blezard

General Manager, Merlin Court - Avery

We didn’t want a fixed off the shelf product; it was crucial that the software package could be fine tuned for our company. Without that ability we felt strongly we wouldn’t be able to deliver the level of individualised person-centred care we strive to provide
There are certainly more complex and expensive systems out there, but our most important requirement was ease of use and flexibility. This could only be met by Fusion
Paul TM Smith

Director Of Operations and Care Developments, Prestige Care Group

I would just like to take this opportunity to say how great the system is for our care home.

It is intuitive, easy to navigate and has saved literally hundreds of staffing hours, 140hours a month. This is especially important when documentation is key to a successful organization. Care is no exception.

Further benefits from your system include easy retrieval of information at a touch of a button, that impresses councils and CQC inspectors.

Also due to less time spent with documentation leaves more time to spend with residents. This is one of the reasons we had a very good reputation in the community.

We have also saved money on paper, ink cartridges for printers and space for folders.

Dr Qureish Vanat

Director Rosemary Care

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